Bob Major Heating & Cooling
Bob Major Heating & Cooling

When your water heater stops working you notice it immediately. Just think for how many household activities you use hot water. Whether you are washing your dishes, taking a shower, or doing the laundry, we are here to service all of New Jersey with quality water heater services, for both tank and tankless water heaters. A functioning water heater is one thing, but an efficient, functioning water heater is what our company strives for. If you need repair or replacement we install what you need at an affordable price. Consider joining our maintenance programs. Major common problems with water heaters include pilot light, pressure relief valves, leaking water, and drain valves. With our installation and service you can save on a new water heater just by servicing a few simple parts in your tank. If you have an old water heater we can help you select an affordable one that is up to regulation so you have easy installation and save with maximum water heater efficiency. Our professional installation team knows how to do the job right the first time. Contact us at 732-887-4540 for the best home improvement for all of New Jersey.

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**All work performed by licensed contractors and professionals.**

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