Bob Major Heating & Cooling
Bob Major Heating & Cooling

While you sleep at night you may think your furnace boiler is safe and then wake up the next morning to a freezing home, which can be dangerous in the winter. With our proper maintenance programs you prevent this dangerous situation from ever occurring in your home. By having regular maintenance on your boiler consistent you can prevent cold mornings, enormous repair costs, secure your family from carbon monoxide, and have long term energy savings on your energy bill that will add up over the year. Our maintenance teams check all components and make sure your boiler is working properly for maximum efficiency and safety. Boilers can release odorless and colorless emissions if not working properly so you won't know something is wrong until it's too late. Don't wait for serious damage to happen call us to repair and install your furnace boiler today. Don't take chances with your family, sign up for our maintenance program and have the security and peace of mind you deserve in your home as your furnace boiler works hard for you. Contact us at 732-887-4540 for the best home improvement in all of New Jersey.

**All work performed by licensed contractors and professionals.**

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