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Are there areas of your home that you’d like to improve for aesthetic and functional reasons? Rely on the home improvement services of Bob Major Heating Cooling Electric Home Improvements. We have nearly two decades of experience with home renovations and specialize in remodeling the kitchen and bathroom areas. 

We focus our remodels on the kitchens and bathrooms because these areas generally offer the most value to our clients. Simple upgrades, such as installing tile floors, walls and backsplashes can add immense appeal to your home and give you the convenience of a durable, low-maintenance surface. For more ideas on how you can upgrade your home, contact Bob Major Heating Cooling Electric Home Improvements.


We have the skill and equipment to handle the big remodeling projects


If you’re considering significantly remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, you’re going to need a contractor that is experienced and up to the task. Many remodeling projects in these rooms involve demolishing some areas without damaging others and moving or installing new plumbing and electrical fixtures. 

We have the expertise and ability to handle every aspect of your remodeling project, no matter how big or small. We’re also available for basement remodels. To learn how you can upgrade your home with quality remodeling services from a local company, schedule your consultation with Bob Major Heating Cooling Electric Home Improvements.

**All work performed by licensed contractors and professionals.**

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